Pregnancy is an exquisite and awe-inspiring journey, deserving of a timeless tribute captured through a professional maternity photography session in Dallas. For expecting mothers, there is truly nothing comparable to witnessing your own radiance and feminine grace in striking maternity photoshoot. Whether you seek to chronicle the growth of your belly, proudly flaunt your baby bump, or immortalize these precious moments before your little one arrives, the world of maternity photography offers boundless opportunities to accomplish just that.

These captivating pregnancy photos will become cherished memories of your pregnancy, offering timeless joy for years to come.


Capturing the Beauty of Outdoor Maternity Photography


Many expectant mothers turn to outdoor maternity photography as a way to celebrate their transformative journey, embracing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature that surrounds them. From vibrant flower fields bursting with colors to serene lakeside beaches where waves gently caress the shore, an outdoor maternity photography session captures the serene serenity and profound wonder of pregnancy in all its natural splendor. The breathtaking scenery, with its lush greenery, golden sunlight, and picturesque landscapes, serves as the perfect pregnancy photoshoot backdrop, enhancing the intimate atmosphere and creating a truly unique and awe-inspiring collection of maternity photographs.


What is a Maternity Photography Session?


Maternity photography is an exquisitely specialized genre of photography that goes beyond the ordinary moments. It aims to capture the remarkable beauty and glowing radiance of expecting mothers, immortalizing their journey to motherhood in stunning detail. With a maternity photographer that is skilled in the manipulation of lighting, expert in maternity photography posing and careful selection of angles that accentuate every graceful contour, these pregnancy photographs become more than just mere memories. They transform into tangible testaments, meticulously crafted to celebrate the joy and love that permeate every facet of the pregnancy journey.


Why Should You Book a Maternity Session?


By committed to booking a maternity session, you are ensuring more than just capturing beautiful photographs. It's about encapsulating the essence of this incredible journey that you are embarking on - the anticipation, the excitement, and the profound love that fills your heart. It's about freezing those magical moments in time, where you can proudly showcase the miracle of life growing within you, creating treasured memories for your baby's legacy.


Best Time To Schedule a Maternity Session


The ideal time frame for scheduling a maternity photoshoot typically falls between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy. This particular period allows for your beautiful baby bump to become more pronounced and noticeable, showcasing the unique journey of pregnancy that you're embarking on. It's during this stage that the exquisite roundness and development of your baby bump truly shines.




Booking a maternity photoshoot in Dallas, it presents a wonderful chance to preserve and cherish the remarkable beauty of this extraordinary phase in your life. A maternity session is a heartfelt documentation of the unforgettable moments that mark your journey to motherhood and anticipation in every frame. I invite you to reach out to me today and schedule your priceless maternity session with Lily Hayes, the renowned Dallas maternity photographer, who possesses a unique talent for immortalizing the essence of this remarkable chapter in your life.

Lily Hayes has always kept her maternity photoshoot collections simple, transparent and all inclusive. Our booking process is seamless and hassle free with only amount due upfront is a $35 retainer fee. You select the collection that include the said number of files and you pay the listed price. The collection price includes photographers time, creative talent, session design, editing of your images. As well, as the rendering of high resolution digital gallery. Gallery is available for digital download. The photos are yours to share, print, treasure and adore for years to come.


• $35 retainer fee due upon booking

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