1) How Do I Book My Maternity Photoshoot With You?

Booking a maternity photoshoot with us is a seamless and stress-free experience. Simply choose your maternity photography collection that suits your needs, pay the listed price, and you're all set. Our collections encompass not only my time, talent, and session design, but also include meticulous editing of your maternity photos. Upon completion, you'll receive a stunning high-resolution digital photo gallery that you can easily download.


Once you're ready to finalize the booking process, I will create a contract and provide you with a PayPal invoice link for the non-refundable retainer fee of $35. The retainer fee will be deducted from the total amount due, and the remaining balance can be paid the day before your scheduled session. Please note that all collections are subject to an 8.25% Texas State Sales Tax. You have the option to make payments via PayPal or Zelle Quick Pay.


2) Why Do You Only Deliver the Said Amount of Digitals?


Maternity photography sets itself apart from any traditional forms of photography. It requires a delicate touch when working with expecting mothers, as capturing these moments artistically demands significant time and effort. The ability to skillfully pose and refine these maternity photoshoots is paramount in creating, true works of art.


Yes, you might have come across other maternity photographers who may offer a larger volume of maternity photos. However, I firmly believe in dedicating ample time to meticulously create clean, crisp, and fine-art maternity photos that truly capture the radiant essence of my clients. Each image is thoughtfully composed, ensuring that my clients feel comfortable and look absolutely stunning throughout the entire pregnancy photoshoot experience.


Please note with studio maternity photos and the amount of posing processing each individual files requires, each additional edited file is priced at $95.00, per file.


3) Who Has The Rights To My Maternity Images?


Lily Hayes Photography maintains copyright ownership of all the images created, as protected under USC Title 17 (US Copyright Law). As your maternity photographer, I have the right to showcase your maternity photos to potential clients. When you complete the booking process, you acquire reproduction rights (full print release), allowing you to print and share the provided images publicly.


4) Do I Have Permission To Print My Pregnancy Photos? Can I Share them Social Media?


Absolutely! When you choose Lily Hayes for your maternity photography session, you're not just getting incredible maternity photographs. Our all-inclusive package offers complete print release and exclusive usage rights, granting you the flexibility to print and proudly showcase your pregnancy photos.


However, I kindly request that clients refrain from using low-quality printers such as Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, or Shutterfly. These printers fail to do justice to the beauty of your maternity photographs and cannot accurately capture the exceptional quality of your images.


5) Will I Receive “HIGH” Resolution Maternity Photos?

Many professional maternity photographers include digital files in their collections. However, it's important to note that not all maternity photographers provide high-resolution files. Some may only offer digital files with a resolution of up to 8x10. This means that if you want to print a larger maternity photo, such as an 11x14, the quality may be compromised due to the limited resolution of the file. In such cases, if a client wishes to print a larger photo, they would have to invest significant funds in ordering a larger print from the same maternity photographer.


At Lily Hayes, I include high-resolution edited files in your collection. These files are capable of printing up to 30x40 without any loss of quality.


6) Do You Watermark Your Photos?


No, I don't. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with numerous clients who have become an integral part of my valued clientele. It's worth noting that a substantial portion of my clientele has been established through word-of-mouth referrals, which truly reflects the caliber of my work, outstanding service, and the positive maternity photographer experiences shared by many of my clients.


7) Can I Have The Unedited Files?

Clients do not have access to raw images, specifically NEF files. These files, in their purest form, undergo a meticulous and deliberate post-processing journey. This intricate transformation process aims to enhance and refine your maternity images, resulting in a polished and captivating final product.


8) Are You Insured?


Absolutely, I have comprehensive coverage and protection through professional and liability insurance.


9) Is There A Discount for Booking A Maternity, Newborn & Cake Smash Photography Session?


Absolutely! When booking both your maternity and mini newborn session, I’ll include the family and sibling photos free of charge, which will add an additional 4-6 more digital file to the mini newborn session collection. If you book the full newborn session you will receive a $75 discount. For lifestyle sessions, a $50 discount is applied. Discounts are not given to the maternity collection for booking both, only the newborn photography session .


If you decide to also book the cake smash photography after your maternity and newborn session, a $50 discount will be applied to the cake smash photoshoot collection total. You don't have to prepay or pre-book that particular session . When it's time to start coordinating the cake smash photoshoot, send me a text and we can coordinate the cake smash session from there. I will need at least, a 2-3 month notice in advance for cake smash availability.


I don't over complicate my sessions and booking process. Each of these 3 sessions will have it's own contract and invoice link so you don't have to worry about prepaying for some of the sessions, up front. You'll pay the $35 retainer fee for said collection and pay the remaining balance for each collection when services have been rendered.

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